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Thought it would be a good idea to have a discussion we can fill with pertinent musical knowledge. To kick the thread off, here is a link to an article entitled "The Geometry of Music," dealing specifically with the work of Dmitri Tymoczko. It's very interesting how he is exploring chord structure in higher dimensional space.




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Thanks for the material. Especially for the Pink Floyd.  Do you know if there is a specific software that can be used to alter the frequency of standard recordings?



The program Adobe Audition is supposed to do the trick. Or on Linux the program Audacity, although not the latest version. I use Linux and I had to give up finding a good solution for converting to 432Hz. I'm probably not geeky enough. :)

Thanks for the help guys! I think Audacity might be what I am looking for. I use XP and Lubuntu, So I will  try both versions of the program. Peace - Conhersu

hey guys signed up just for this discussion.


after doing some research into 432hz as an electronic musician i have been trying to find a way to tune my synthesizers to a more universally harmonious pitch with very little success. it is definetly possible because most popular software synths have the capacity to load custom micro tuning files (.TUN). the best way to make a .tun is to use a program called Scala but after playing around with it for a bit and still being unsure on how to actually create a scale based on 432hz i gave up and moved onto other things.


I would love to be able to tune all my music this way and if anyone has any links to .tun files that have been made already for this purpse please post them. otherwise i would be very interested in co creating a publically available .tun file for all electronic musicians so that we can have an even more profound effect on our audiences across the world.

Hi Zumf


Welcome. I don't know about that stuff, but I know you can buy a 432Hz tuning fork. Maybe that could help you? Look at the bottom of this page: http://www.omega432.com/order.html I believe many others sell these tuning forks as well.



Thanks for the replies guys. Maybe i should have been more clear.


Im talking about using 432hz to write electronic music in a DAW like ableton live or logic or cubase or something like that.  This is only going to be possible by using micro tuning files for software synthesizers that support custom tuning(Zebra2, Albino3 and a few others) I'm not so much interested in tuning a beat to 432hz after the fact.


so what i couldnt figure out when i tried to do this was if your tuning your A to 432hz in a program like scala  what is the correct pitch for all the other notes? would you be breaking the harmonic relationships they have in standard 440 tuning? do the intervals change? what did you do in your pythagorean.scl file sage? i havent had a chance to go through it but are using a pythagorean tuning algorithm for that file? like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythagorean_tuning


as a bonus feel free to listen to some of my music http://soundcloud.com/tzumph

just fired it up in albino and got a nice A at 432hz and a C at 512. will explore more when i get a chance. thanks alot for taking the time, I will be sure to distribute it to some like minded individuals and keep us posted on any further developments!

Very interesting, Sage, especially since I've been working with the three-twist/seven-color mapping of the torus lately ... this looks like it could fit together. I'm headed to bed, however, but will mull this over in the next few days/week as I have time :)

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