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Frank Chester - The Chestahedron - The Wonder of Seven

This lecture/documentary brings the work of Frank Chester front and center in this intimate teaching/learning environment.

Description below by Robert Otey:
Frank gives the clearest presentation to date of the core work he has done regarding his discovery of the 7 sided Chestahedron. The Chestahedron is a 7 sided geometric figure which is similar to so-called Platonic Solids, in that all of the faces have the same amount of surface area. The difference being that the Chestahedron has 2 types of faces, Triangles and Kites, whereas the platonic solids only have one type of face.

In this presentation we were able to highlight and showcase many aspects of his previous lectures which were difficult to see and understand in past presentations. The Green screen allowed us to place images and videos next to Frank which brought greater detail and clarity to his work. We hope this gives all students of his work a more concise description to study this Geometrician's great achievements.

Frank's work is revealing the unseen magnetic space geometries described by Walter and Lao Russell which give form to so-called matter and substance in our electric Universe of ever changing spiraling temporal motions.

Frank's work is a major confirmation and validation of the exhaustive and extensive Cosmology authored by the Russell's based on their divine illumination.

Frank's methodology is based on empirical research and development and is the perfect marriage of Science with the Russell's divine illumination. As Frank states clearly in this presentation we need Science and Spirituality to come together again, so we may study the real Universe instead of the fictional one based on arcane mythematics parroted in all schools and media owned by corporate sources.

Frank has laid down the path of methodology which must be followed by the real scientists of the future and applied to all so-called fields of scientific investigation. Memorization of dysfunctional theories by rote has served only to enslave humanity to false psyence. The free thinking inventive scientists of today and tomorrow will now have a guide for their studies which will lead them back to Nature and the Causes behind all observation mankind catalogs in his effort to understand reality.

Filmed at New Form Technology Center in San Carlos, California May 2014.

Produced by Matt Presti & Robert Otey.

http://mattpresti.com & http://feandft.com

Music by Robert Otey - "Forevermore."

Educational Only Video. Not For Profit.

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Comment by KitchenFly on May 31, 2015 at 10:52pm
Wow that was interesting, thank you.


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