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Hidden Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding! The Universal Language!

I use the Fibonacci spiral and the Vortex Based Math to show how everything is connected through the Universal Language.....NUMBERS!

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Comment by KitchenFly on January 30, 2016 at 5:13am
Hi holly I liked your video, I am trying to understand more about VBM so I like exploring at my own pace.

You spoke about two and eight in your video and it got me thinking about a simple recognition. We have two thumbs and eight fingers.

At the end of your video you spoke about the eight sheets of "9" in all combinations to make a fluent pattern. And know I am thinking an other thought that is a bit of a strech, we have two hand and two feet if we think in eight parts then we have four fingers on the left hand and right foot and one thumb on the left hand and one thumb like toe on the left foot and the same structure on the right side making eight parts.

Cheers Holly, good work.


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